The Supermum Myth Book Review: “Mum’s should be more like farmers and less like goddesses!”​ ​

A book review of 'The Supermum Myth' by Anya Hayes & Dr Rachel Andrew​ Ok, so lets be honest, I purchased this book through Amazon after a particularly shitty day and felt myself swayed ​by the 'this book will change your life' grid post I saw on Instagram, I mean come on the title alone... Continue Reading →


Emma’s Story, 3rd Baby

A big thank you to Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs AKA Emma, mum to three boys who blogs, in her own words, all about "tales of our day to day activities, joyous moments, massive Mum fails and life from a small terraced house with too many boys living in it" Here Emma has very kindly shared the... Continue Reading →

Helen’s Story, 1st baby, aged 35

I’ve been asked to write my ‘birth stories’ and am already wondering who is going to be vaguely interested! Everyone’s experience is different but we’re all bloody wonder women for getting through it, whatever it entailed, as far as I'm concerned. So here goes: When I was pregnant with my first child, Thomas, I used... Continue Reading →

Julie’s Story, Aged 30 , 1st Baby

This birth story is an honest account of an induced birth from blogger 'The Adventures of Mama Bear', she can also be found on instagram @theadventuresofmamabear and on Facebook. This past week I’ve been feeling very nostalgic as this time last year I was anxiously awaiting any sign of labour. My due date was the... Continue Reading →

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